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Signatures on Original Hummel Art

By John F. Hotchkipp

Author of the book "Hummel Art"

Berta Hummel (later Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel) signed her original drawings in a number of different forms in the lower left or right corners. These signatures can be seen clearly in most two-dimensional reproductions. Generally, the most common form of her signature is a cursive "M.I. Hummel". An example of which is Angelic Sleep.

No examples of this style of signature have been seen on her children or non-religious subjects. The Goose Girl was the only titled drawing and box-style signature encountered.

Companies who reproduce two-dimensional versions of Sister Hummel's art usually add a monogram or symbol of copyright registration. This symbol often appears near the signature but is not part of the original drawing. Ars Sacra Verlag, Josef Muller, one of the licensees, uses the letters A & R worked into a monogram. The Emil Fink Verlag reproductions do not appear to have anything similar in the picture area or face of the reproduction.

Many prints, cards, or picture reproductions are cropped by the publishers in order to obtain a different composition or treatment. This cropping frequently eliminates any evidence of the Hummel signature.

Collectors familiar with Sister Hummel's style probably are not confused by the absence of a signature on some reproductions. However, the novice might find it disturbing not to be able to distinguish between a cropped piece reproduced from and original Sister Hummel painting and Hummel-like paper products such as those published by Alfred Mainzer of Long Island City, which are not copied from original Hummel art. Until the beginning collector is able to distinguish original reproductions, he might wish to collect only those items in one form or another with a Hummel signature on them.

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